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Learn All About The Legendary Nissan RB Engines...

The legendary Nissan RB engines have become motoring icons, we find out why. We join the chaps from Technically Speaking as they "take a closer look at what is arguably Nissan's finest engine series – the mighty RB." Introduced in 1989, their popularity exploded through the

Project Thunderbolt – A Mazda Miata With A LS3 V8...

The front-engined, rear-wheel-drive Mazda Miata is often considered underpowered, so why not add a Corvette V8 for a bit more oompfh. Relatively cheap, lightweight V8 sportscars have been around for decades but as times have moved on they have slowly fallen out of favour. So, what is one t

Revealed: Bentley Continental GT V8 Coming Soon...

During the course of 2019/2020, we will see the third-generation Bentley Continental GT V8 on the roads. The US is expecting the latest Bentley Continental GT to be available from the end of 2019 while the Europeans will see it in showrooms in early 20120. Available as a coupe or co

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