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Cardi B makes her childhood photo a meme...

One of the most endearing qualities about Cardi B is that she never takes herself too seriously, she loves to have a laugh even if it's at her own expense. A Cardi B meme recently went viral as the star posted a photo of herself on Instagram showing her fans what she looked like at a young age&nb

Video: Moments of compassion that will leave you smiling...

Witnessing a moment of true kindness and compassion between two strangers can truly make your day. If you have the Sunday Blues, this post will cure any lingering Monday dread feelings. So, most of us think twice about speaking to a stranger. We generally just feel awkward and avoid eye co

Introducing the first ever underwater jetpack...

The UK's Archie O'Brien had a dream of zipping below the waters off Iceland or swimming with dolphins off the coast of Bora Bora. So he went ahead and build a Cuda underwater jetpack. To build an affordable alternative to expensive underwater jetskis, the British student developed this 3D-

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