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PlayStation 4 Is Crashing Due To Malicious Messages...

Numerous PlayStation 4 owners on Reddit and across social media platforms are warning of a message containing a string of characters that are reportedly crashing the PlayStation 4. Once the message is sent, the console gets so confused and mixed up from the glitch that users are performing

Street Legal Can-Am X3 Bug Conversion...

This incredible Bug Can-Am X3 conversion is completely street legal. Every project has to start somewhere. At some point, you might just get a bug planted in your head that makes your mind go to work, wondering how you can take some of these inspirational ideas and apply them to your own s

Apple Features South Africans Do Not Have...

Apple has tons of cool features that can be accessed via their devices. However, in South Africa, the iPhone is a popular smartphone, and its operating system –iOS – allows users to conduct an array of tasks. Which includes everything from navigating with Maps to messaging and

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